Mommy favors

Elijah’s birthday is on Saturday and we’ll be going to Disneyland to celebrate. Usually, my family and I throw a party and invite as many friends and family our house can hold. But this year, since we have not been to Disney for quite awhile, we decided to do a combo and celebrate Jahs birthday, plus Mother’s Day, and check off Disney trip off our list.

We’ve been saving and bought tickets today. We are all super excited!

However, my OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) kicked in and I bought party favors and put together goodie bags for my son’s class. Schools no longer welcome home made baked goods or snacks, so I bought Pre-packaged snacks plus a simple toy to complete the goodie bag. I usually fill up the bags with more, but being in a tight budget already, I resisted additional temptations and looked the other way.

Check out the end result:


It’s quite simple to put this together. I’m
happy I had the time to make these.

Happy Birthday, son, I love you!


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