Am I a good mom?

“The fact that you worry makes you a good mom,” heard on K-LOVE.

Ok… *sniff sniff* I worry and cry all the time – even when I know I should lift my worries all to the Lord and lift my children to the Lord.

Mother’s Day

I still remember the many times I would say, “I hate Mother’s Day.” And I’m sure I listed all my reasons why I do.

I woke up and still had to fix the bed, made my own breakfast (actually, I didn’t eat breakfast), made my mom her gift the night before and greeted her, each child greeted me with a couple of things In only want: hugs and kisses.

What was different about this year? Well, I didn’t have to get dressed to go to church – I got to sleep in… and my sun night be flowers 🙂 and so did Tatay! They were beautiful! Even Tori made a guava cake and it was super yummy! I didn’t like being teased about being the mother in law though – just not funny. Too soon to be thinking about such a thing – but who am I too even say that it’s too early?

Even created a small little post for both moms on Facebook. Of course, it’s from Ermer and I. I don’t have Facebook, so there was no post about me or for me, not even a card. I take that back – my sister have me a card. She’s so sweet! … and so thoughtful! Age got me some lovely things and I got her bath and body. I just realized that I get them the same damn things every year, just as different scent. Ugh! I’m so boring! No imagination and I guess… cheap! I did try being thoughtful in the past, but my gifts were said to be cheap or the reaction was not what I had hoped for – so, I think that’s why I stuck with the bath and body.

I remember wanting to get some Pandora charms for them, but I was too afraid to get the one – I would have spent so much just to hear them say they don’t like it or wants to exchange it. That’s okay, I don’t even think about getting it anymore – not even for my own girls… although it worths be super cute for them to have a collection of charms.

Also, toast was the first day my sister and the family officially came into the house. Everyone was so happy and enjoyed being indoors for lunch. I want still a little anxious, but my sister brought some champagnes and wine and that helped relax a bit. We both ate crabs and my mom prepared other foods that were irresistible. I love my mom so much! Today is really about her you know. I don’t think a Mother’s Day will ever truly be about me until I become a grandmother. I hope that will be awhile – I hope so at least.

Mother’s Day weekend was better this year. Simple and sweet.

i love you kiddos! You are my everything!