Sometimes time moves so slow and I can see everything in front of me. Sometimes it moves so fast that I can only remember the past with the hope the future doesn’t come too soon. Then the presence is here and I just watch like it’s a show unfolding predicting of what’s going to happen – appear knowing what the end is going to be.

This morning I told my daughter to spite down growing up – so young, so beautiful, so smart and with lots of love and kindness.

Tomorrow is my son’s 20th birthday. Hard to believe he is twenty. Tomorrow he will spend his morning with Tori. He will come home by 5 to spend time with the family. Such a simple, yet, complicated year. I find it easier to throw a party with lots of guests, than ac small a group. But there’s memories to be made and I hope these small moments are the most memorable.

Last night, I was so tired that I couldn’t find myself to go downstairs and get all the kids with a kiss and a hug. Instead, Hubby got all of them together and all six of us were in our room and I got a hug and kiss from all of them.

I love hugs and kisses. Can’t go a day without one. Don’t have to say anything, a hug and a kiss will do… sometimes another is even better.

Especially when I get to hug and kiss my mom. I know it matures get feel good too. I wish I gave her more when I was growing up. I hope I can give her more now.

I live you all.