Empty check in

When COVID happened, employees were required to do a symptoms check daily, badge in, grab a mask, and put on a sticker on their badge to show they’ve been scanned in. EVERY DAY GOING TO WORK!

Today, the checks in were empty and didn’t scan or put a sticker on my badge.

A year after COVID all started

And here’s a picture of my badge with the stickers I’ve collected… kind of don’t want to get rid of it, but I will have to let go at some point right?

Mr. Frederico

Goodmorning, Senor Frederico!

When COVID 19 hit the nation, the ICUs were packed with patients with severe respiratory issues. Many were put on life support and a few were lucky to be put on ECMO with a chance to fight this virus.

One of them was this amazing guy! What a blessing to have worked with him. He was one of my favorite patients and took care of him when he got his new lungs. I didn’t know at the time that he was the first patient in the region to get a double lung transplant. Such an inspiration – it was a roller coaster watching him get back on his feet. From breathing to physical activity, he survived and got to go home. He had a beautiful family with girls and a lovely wife who always visited every chance they got.

So awesome to be a part of his recovery.

Read the story HERE.