Heart Beats

O my goodness! I love Mixcrate! And this mix by J Valera and DJ Opus is definitely a must at my wedding vow renewal….

Listen to the HEART BEAT mix here!


If you stay by Joseph Vincent

I’m going to slowly add onto the category “Wedding Planning” here of all the wonderful, cute, amazing, and “totally in love” things I would want in a dream wedding.

I joke around with hubby about wanting a real wedding and renew our vows, but I don’t know when that’s going to happen. He seriosly planned a day and year already… he, he, he… I know they say that weddings are overrated this day, but with everything he, my family,and I have gone through, I believe we deserve a day just to celebrate “US” and everyone else who’s made our relationship great… especially God.

So in case it does, at least I have it all written down and ready to go.

Here’s an absolutely wonderful song I just cannot stop jiving to.