Mother’s Day

Tomorrow’s Mother’s Day and I don’t like it. Why? I don’t like to have a say just for me. I don’t like how one day out of the head, it’s just about me.

Perhaps I’m just selfish, but it’s not about me. I don’t get time alone to breathe – that’s all I really want. To be able to just lay in a tub full of bath salts, candles in the dark, play some music and either read a book (yeps, READ), draw or even write something.

I don’t need a meal at a restaurant, flowers, a gift, or even a hug.

I have food, flowers, gifts, and get hugs EVERYDAY!!!

I don’t like Mother’s Day. I appreciate all that I have and all that I love. I have my kids, my husband, and they are a blessing to me.

I think it just comes down to the fact that I don’t like all the attention.

Mother’s Day and my birthday I guess are days when I just want to be lazy. I shouldn’t have to dress up, do any chores, or cooking, or even talk. Sleeping in, umm… maybe snap my fingers and walah – coffee in my hand would be nice.

🙂 I don’t like Mother’s Day… hehehe, but I guess there’s some advantages to it.

Happy Mother’s Day to me. 🙂 WINKS!