Stuck Tales

Silly things my kids say:

Elijah yells, “Mommy!!!?? Their tails are stuck as again!”

“Huh?” I thought.

I go downstairs to the backyard and…

Our two little yorkies (Bubbles & Mushu) tied the knot (hint! Hint!) oh no!!!!

Uh, oh… I look at Elijah and we both had our hands on our waist and shaking our heads.


How can we live in a world that’s so cruel and so mean? A world where there’s people who hits, kills, and hurt the innocent, especially little kids? And what about the sick and broken hearts? What about the poor and hungry?

I pray and that’s all I can do!!!! It doesn’t feel like enough. I read and I see and I hear the bad news, the sad news, and the crazy news that people do.

And I cry… I cry so hard that I can’t talk or see anymore. My eyes go into a blur and my senses feel the pain and the anger and the sadness of everyone’s heavy hearts.

I don’t understand – why IS there suffering? Why IS there hatred? Why, WHY, WWHHYY?!

I know why… It’s just not fair… If I could just take every abandoned, abused, and hurt child, I would.

Lord, failure is not an option for me.

Help me lead my own children to the right path. Forgive me and take away my tears; bless me with your spirit of grace and wisdom… Continue to guide me and use me for your Glory.

Long Day

Hmm… Had a long day today.

Woke up and the first I did was say thank you to God for another day.

I came down the stairs and saw hubby resting on the recliner. The kids gave me a big hug. Then I went to go kiss my Luv and he felt warm. He had a temperature.

He didn’t feel well all day. No worries I said. So as he rested, I took the opportunity to clean and sort our shed. Then I attacked the laundry and the garage. I vacuumed and played with the kids. My eldest son helped me with laundry. He was my super helper today. I even had tea with my Big Girl, Mei.


And watched Myella eat a toast on the stairs with joy and content as she listened to the baby birds make noises from their nest on our porch.


By night fall, I was ready to go to bed, but as you can see, I’m typing away. At the same time, I’m listening to Klove.

The first song they played was Pray by Sanctus Real… “Perfect!” I thought! “The perfect way to end the night.”

Don’t forget to pray! Gnite and I love you!