I love the rain… it’s so peaceful and calm and brings everything anew. The smell of rain, the touch of rain, it’s as if the rain just cleans the entire earth when rain comes down. It’s such a beautiful thing God created.

I also love the dark. There’s just something about darkness that brings calmness into my life. I just have to stop and listen. Everything slows down just a little bit and you can see everything… in the dark. Is that weird?

Today, it rained, and just credited my shift ended, hubby tells me that the power is out in it neighborhood! 2000 holes without electricity tonight and SDGE is trying to figure out what happened.

The neighborhood is in complete darkness. Kind of creepy in a way, but not so much since I grew up Japan and it can get pretty dark at night. The house was lit with candles and it smelled so good. I was not afraid. I loved it.

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