Remind me again why…

– I work so hard

– why I’m going back to school

– worry

– eat well

– exercise

– care

I can do everything…

168 hours in a week

6hrs/ day sleep if any… (average 5hrs) = 42 hours

72 hour work week

13 hours for school

Divide the rest of my time by 8 (8 people in my household – 4 kids, husband, Mom and Dad)… this doesn’t include the dogs, and other family and friends… 5hrs each to my household a week. That’s one hour and 1mins with each member in my household.

I manage my time very well… I look at every minute and every hour of my day and I give them to someone who wants it and if you want my time, I’ll give it, because God blesses me with more time to live… so if you need me, just let me know, but don’t make me feel bad when I don’t have it at that moment. It’s not fair – I ask and I ask and I ask, and the answer is always no, so when you finally ask, and I say “No,” then don’t ask ‘why.’ But do keep in mind that when we I say ‘no.’ It breaks my heart, because I want to be there. I want to help and I want to be supportive.

Don’t push me away, because everything I do- my work, my schooling, my kids, the little things I clean when you’re not looking (like dusting), I do them for you. I don’t ask for a lot… but I do ask for respect of the time. I have to work, clean, take care of the kids during school days and much more that I just don’t have time to actually do the things I really want to do – like draw, take a 🛀 bath, do my nails, learn and instrument, things I LIKE TO DO. It’s a sacrifice I tell people. Does it make me happy? Yes, because it’s for my family. But you know what? If it doesn’t make you happy, then why do I even try?

Do my efforts make anyone happy? Isn’t even enough? Do you not see my time above and how I manage them?

Apparently not… I don’t know if I’m the selfish one or you…