On November 3rd my beautiful daughter turned 15! Wow! She wanted to celebrate her birthday going out for lunch with friends at Zion market and enjoying Korean food. Then later in the evening, we went to watch Tauren Wells. Hubby went to the VIP meet rather than I. I was so worn out and needed to rest. They looked like they had a wonderful moment together. The evening ended with more memories to share.

My handsome son just turned nineteen on November 8… I hope he has a wonderful day. He just wanted to relax and do NOTHING. Best birthday wish ever, because that’s what I had wanted one year. For his birthday dinner, we went to El Indio and both Twano houses went. Even uncle Arthur was able to make it. Everyone enjoyed the dinner. Then he went to watch a show at the National Comedy Theater. I was told that he even got to go on stage. He must of had such a blast! ♥️ totally love this guy.

While we were having dinner, big girl was all also enjoying the day at homecoming. Her Kuya gave her permission to go. Very sweet of him especially when I tried to pull the guilt trip on her.

Turning 19 is definitely a milestone for big boy. When u turned 19, my mom threw me a birthday party and my friends were all invited. The only one who was not there was my boyfriend at the time. I really missed him, but there was someone else at my party that was there. And I had decided to give him a chance.

On my 19th Birthday, was the day I had let go of my boyfriend and we both agreed to see other people. My heart both broke and put back together on the same day. Is that even possible?

Yes it is. 19 was just the beginning.

Same year, about three months later, I got married.

Today, I realized that it wasn’t because I was young and in love is the reason why I got married young.

Today I realized it is because I grew up to fast. Fast enough that I was ready to be on my own… because in has always felt that I was in my own. I was an individual who walked on her own. I was ready to start my own life and have my own family. I found someone special and this year got to celebrate both my kiddos.

I hope and pray that my nineteen year old doesn’t feel lonely. I hope that he feels the love and the joy he brings and receives from us and from all his family and friends. I hope and pray that big girl feels our presence in her love and trust that she is a beautiful person both in and out.

These kids are so amazing! The bring joy to our hearts and we are excited to see and be a part of many more years to come.

Mwa! Momma loves you!

“What really defines someone is what they won’t do.” -Legacies