Homecoming dance.

A parent’s curiosity to their first born’s first homecoming dance.

Here in front of the building, trying to see through the walls if my son is there and is he dancing?

Ahh! They’re playing Nicki Minaj’s version of big butts! Pls don’t be looking at anyone’s butts!

-This mom!

Big Hugs

Mommy moments: 
What got me up this morning… Myella comes in and says “mommy, you can’t see baby Emma yet because she’s sleeping.” And I said, “okay, can I hug u?” So she let me hug her and then I asked her, “can I get a big hug from you?” She said, “wait.” And then she walked away and as I watched her walk away, I thought ‘wow! She’s such a. Big girl now.’ And I frowned a little bit. Then minutes later, she came back and she hugged me. “You remembered!” I said. And she says, “yes mommy…” She didn’t give me just one hug, she gave me TWO big hugs. 🙂