Sometimes it’s nice to be included.

A patient died today. Young at 16, but looks 8. Everyone cried. I did nothing closed curtains. The unit was a bit gloomy. Kind of hard to smile, but we got to get through it.

One nurse brought donuts. They stuffed their faces with donuts while they cried.

One nurse asked everyone if they wanted Starbucks.

Except me. Boo!

You know, not everyone is a nurse that’s affected by the loss of this patient. We’re sad too.

Managing the entire unit on my own… I sometimes feel alone so feeling like a part of the unit would nice.

I’m not just an RT – I have feelings too. Offer me donuts, ask if I want Starbucks. 😦 Ask if I’m okay. I was there when the code happened the few times before and it was a miracle. His smile, his music, and laughter. He will be missed – no donuts or Starbucks could replace a life, but it would help me get through the day too (just saying).