Yesterday, Hubby brought the laundry down as requested and I started to do the load. I started with the dark colors first. Add I was separating the clothes, I noticed some very dark stains on one of the girl’s underwear. I blunt to call the eldest girl and asked her what happened but when I had picked it up, it was the little one’s,

I gasped! ‘Hmmm? Did she? Is she?’ So, I called for her. And she came. I asked her what happened? “I don’t know,” she said.

“Did you poo poo?” I asked.

“No, mommy. I know not to do that.”

“Was it red?” And she said, “No.”

“Honey,” I said. “I think you just got your period.”

She was a little confused. And was like, “Really?”

She hugged me and she cried. I told her not to cry. It’s a happy moment, “You’re a young lady now.” I smiled and thought about telling her about the birds and the bees. I didn’t. I’ll wait for the right moment.

In the meanwhile, we talked about throwing away the stained underwear and then went to get her pads. Luckily, I had the perfect size for her and didn’t have to go to the store.

We went to the restroom to show her how to apply it. It was that moment that we saw the “red” mark. Lol! (Should have taken a picture.) the lad was applied and then we talked about putting her pads away.

Her dad happened to walk pass by and ask what’s wrong? She saw the tears in her daughters eyes and wanted to comfort her. Instead, she ran upstairs. I giggled and looked at him and he was still confused.

Went upstairs and saw baby girl crying to her sister in my room on the bedside chair. Ateh was giggling. And we both were telling her that’s okay.

Ateh starts to give her some advice. Especially on how to tell Nanay and what NANAY did when Ateh got her first red tide (which I missed by the way.) Ateh treated her a little bit about how early baby girl got it… nine years old.

I would have missed this moment, too, if I had gone to work today, but good thing I got cancelled and was here for baby girl. Even got to show her how to wash her undies if there was a stain. She learned quickly.

The next day, baby girl came down and we hugged and she’s how she was doing. Even asked her if she was ready to tell her Nanay. She said, “Yes.” So she went up to her and hugged her and shyly said. “I got my period.”

“Congratulations!” Said Nanay. And then for the rest of the day was jumping up and down, getting her new underwear she saved from the Philippines, and reminders to change. Everyone was helping little girl out and for the rest of the day she seemed normal Exocet for this one small change.

Later in the day, she even showed me how she knew how to wash her undies. She was so responsible.

Ateh even made her a special cake to celebrate this milestone.

My baby girl… (sigh)