3 months weight lost…

Ugh! That’s how I feel… But also Yay! Not the look I want but I didn’t expect much change within 3 months of going back to exercising and having a proper diet.


Compared to March, it looks like I lost a few inches. The great news is that I lost 10 lbs. I went to my yearly physical and went from 136 lbs to 126 lbs. it was really hard not to look at the scale for several weeks, but I figured that if I don’t look, I won’t get discouraged when I gain or lose a little.



Ok, going good so far. I seriously am looking into Tickle Lipo with Dr. Tess Mauricio or even a tummy tuck. I don’t think a million crunches is going to tighten this belly for the life of me to the six pack I drool over. Even hubby agrees that I’ve gained weight up and down between pregnancies that this body may not stretch back to where I want it. Buhu! I’m going to give myself a few more months. If my personal weight loss, muscle building, and toning plan isn’t enough, then here I come Dr. Tess.

Any words of encouragement?

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