I am Poem

My son, Elijah, wrote a beautiful poem today at his exhibition in high Tech high Chula Vista. I am amazed by this little boy, who has grown to a person with wisdom, with heart, and with lots of love.
As a mom, we save practically everything that our child does. I am guilty, though. I don’t really see everything. And if I do, I later throw it away, losing meaning to what it was for. Are your children work so hard at what they do. They are in school for eight hours, Monday through Friday. And they make the time to learn, do their homework, and socialize. And if time permits, explore extracurricular activities. Where as, as parents, are at work between 9 to 5. I, on the other hand, work at the hospital, so I do 12 hour shift at least 2 to 3 times a week. On other days, I am out and about doing mommy things, wifey things, daughter things, and sometimes I add on business related tasks. Even though I feel like I do so much on the side as a mom, I can only imagine and remember what it was like to be a child with so much responsibilities in school. 

Sometimes, we get so busy, that we don’t take the time to just stop and observe our surroundings. So, I really like this poem that Elijah wrote. And I think you would like it also. 

Listen here “I am Elijah” by Elijah T.



I get a message from my husband…

“Ma Sion critical. TIta Agnes left me voicemail that she not going to make it.”

My first thought is, ‘We gotta go home.’

But here we are BOTH at work. Of all the days when we are not at work, we get this message.

At about 9:00 a.m., we start messaging our supervisors to see if we can leave early. Ermer’s┬ásaid, “Find someone to replace you for the day and you can go.” Ermer found someone.

But for me, we’re short staffed already. My supervisor said that I can probably leave early, but not at 11 or sooner than that.

It wasn’t hard to ask to go home early or leave work, but the fact that I had to made me realize even more how the freedom of time is such a valuable thing to have.

I want to be there as soon as possible when my family needs me.

Ermer and I didn’t get to have breakfast together like we usually do. he had to get back to his unit to finish things up before he got to go.

Our little cousin, Joy-Joy, is the source of connection right now and from hubby’s words, she’s trying to stay strong.

This is the year when big things happen for Joy Joy. She graduates from high school, she turns 18, and starts college. This is the year where she becomes a woman; a year that no mom or even grandmother should miss. I know Joy is very sadden by this.

Grandma Sion passed away at approximately 10a.m. this morning. Hubby messaged me, “She just went home to be with the Lord.” My eyes became watery and my heart sank, but not a drop has spilled. My throat has a knot in it and my smile is a little crooked. People pass by me and they are still smiling. I smile back – not fair for me to take their joy away.

And you know what? I think that is what Grandma would have wanted. In spite of the pain, the fear, and the hurt of a losing someone so wonderful, she would have kept smiling and she would want us to keep smiling, because she’s where she’s always wanted to be – to be with the LORD!

Before I got the message, I was texting and emailing everyone on the schedule to see if I can swap a day with them. For some reason, I already knew that this is definitely the day that Ma is leaving. I work this weekend, so I want to make sure that I am there for the service.

As dark as it sounds, it’s all about preparing and planning and being there for your family. Just being there means a lot! … a lot!

Which, on a personal note, scares me! I don’t have everything together. What if that time comes for me and I don’t have what needs to be prepared for my family. Can they handle the situation? Can they take care of the things that needs to be taken care of while still trying to understand what’s going on?

Thank you, Lord, for the time you have given me to know Grandma Sion. Thank you for the Love she shared to me, my husband, and my family. Her smile, her words, her wisdom and sweet caress is not forgotten. She is definitely an angel deserving of your love and warmth. I know that she is happy, I know that she is loved, I know that she is smiling down on us and protecting us.

I wish I was at home right now just hugging my cousins, my auntie, and the rest of the family. I know that they are scared, they are worried, and they are confused. So, Lord, keep my prayers and hear them. Wipe their tears, give them strength, and hold them close to your open arms. Your grace, your mercy, and your blessings more than enough!

I love you Grandma Sion!

She needs you!

My Love, we have two lovely daughters. I’m proud that you are their father. You are so special to them. They love you dearly and your words are carved into their hearts, your actions speak loudly, and your smile shows that you love them. 
Your sons need you, too. In everything you do, they will learn to be the gentle, yet masculine, and respectful man you have become. I hope they will follow your footsteps and treat their wives (and our daughters treat their husbands) with the same love you give me. 
In all that you do, our children are watching. They follow everything we do. You and I are not perfect parents and we will make mistakes. But with each other, we will balance one another out… And that’s why they chose us to be their mom and dad. 

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