Went to church today and it was amazing! For some reason, I just don’t remember when the last time I was at church. I know I say that I am off every other weekend, but it seems that I am not at church on the days that I am off.

Today, I was in church. I was in the home of my Lord with family and friends, sisters and brothers. The air was filled with His presence and I was so blessed with the heart and soul the praise and worship team delivered. Alan… Alan was the leader today. He is truly blessed with a gift. A gift that I long for.

Lately, when I’m in the shower, I sing songs for my God and one day, Ermer asked me if I have my own soundtrack. Ha, ha, ha! I probably do.

Well, during praise and worship, I raised my hands up and sang up to my God as if I was in the shower. My praise, my worship was for His eyes only. I didn’t care who was watching or saw. And if they were watching and saw how I raised my hands up high to his glory, then I hope that that they felt His presence in my life and can see the light in me.

I am so blessed. After singing “Here I am to worship,” my husband went up to pray for the children. He cried. He said something that, I, too, needed confirmation of. He said that we always pray for the children and we lift them up to the Lord, but he said that we are His children too and that we need to lift ourselves up too! WOW! He said lift one hands up to the children, and the other for ourselves.

He cried. My husband doesn’t always cry. And he let the Holy Spirit speak through him. I was so proud, so blessed… that is my husband. O Lord! Thank you! I like to say that there is something that I have done to have such a wonderful husband, but you know, it starts with him. He had to make that decision to come up on stage and serve a mighty God. He had to submit and obey God. I am his #1 supporter. God was and still is my first love. He has always been there for me and I know He is there for my husband and my family.

Then, when it was time to pray for the tithes and offerings, Pastor Eli called up my husband… yes, my husband, to pray for tithes and offering. I knew he was already going to pray for the tithes and offering, but there was something more meaningful that opened up my eyes. Pastor Eli said, “And now to pray for the tithes and offering, I call up PASTOR Ermer.” And the first thought that went into my head is, “He called him ‘Pastor.'” And I looked around to see if anyone else heard that. Their eyes were looking up and so did I. I didn’t just see my husband. I saw a MAN of GOD… a Pastor. A Pastor is someone who speaks God’s promises and truth. A pastor is someone who is accountable for all his actions and for the actions of his brothers and sisters. A pastor is a man who follows after God’s heart. A pastor is someone who reaches out and finds the lost sheeps and bring them back…. the PASTOR is my husband.