You never apologize when you know you’re wrong. It hurts my feelings and it’s selfish of you to be that way. Pride is not good, it hurts, and it makes me sad longer even if happiness happens more often, the sadness lingers and wastes my time.

Saying sorry is not hard, so why not just say it even if you may think you’re right? If anything, it helps with the relationship, but if you allow pride to continue on, I should have left a long time ago.

Don’t get defensive when I say You. You’re the only person I’m talking to so there’s no else. And because I value our relationship, my silence is what I’ve learned to do rather than say what’s on my mind. Because words that’s I say, I can’t take back, otherwise, I can say things that I do mean, so I’d rather not say anything at all. That’s how important you are to me.