The most important thing that I value in my life is perhaps TIME. It is something I’ve learned that I can’t buy, rewind, or get a refund on. Because time is free, it keeps moving forward, and it doesn’t come back to you once it’s gone. I have so many people in my life that I share my TIME with and when I am with you and when you are here with me, I try not to waste YOUR time and of course MINE too. Is that selfish? No, it’s fair. Your priority and mine are different. I live for today, I look forward to tomorrow and and I cherish the last. Whether it was good or bad, it’s memories that I hold close to my heart. I’ve learned from each moment and it has helped me become who I am. 
This small video is a small reminder to me that I did lose some of my time in my life. It was time I can’t bring back and it was time that I wish I was there to be with my family. I love my family and I love my friends. They are what’s important to me too. God blessed them into my life. And my God gave me time so that I share it with them. TIME is LIFE and LIFE is my God. Therefore, my God is my time, my life, my love, my family and my friends. 
Cherish and enjoy every moment.