I wasn’t quite hungry today. I just ate left overs. For dinner, I figured I’d just eat pb&j. I asked the kids already if they ate. When they found out I was going to make pb&j, they wanted some too.

There was only two breads left. I looked at my little ones and they were so excited to make a sandwhich with me. I helped them make theirs and then I went back upstairs with my string cheese Baybel. I was about to message Hubby to buy some bread cause I know the cheese won’t fill me up and I don’t want to eat rice.

Next thing you know, Elijah comes upstairs and shakes his other half of the bread. I think either he realized or sister told him that was supposed to be my dinner – and that cheese is what I ended up eating. I wasn’t sad, but this makes me so proud of him to give him. I told him he doesn’t have to do that. I made sure I asked if he’s full. He said he wanted to. Thank you, Elijah! Mwa!