You’re going to be an Auntie!

So my sister hasn’t been feeling well lately. She was feeling like she had the flu and lately has been very needy.

“My poor sister,” I thought. She’s not feeling good. So on the first day. We made her tofu “chicken” soup. I bought all the ingredients and then my mom mixed it all together with a hint of her own flavorful style. It was delicious. So Delish that even the kids ate some.

So I go to drop off the soup to little sister and I stayed there for a couple of hours. It was a nice spending time with her. We talked about her work and a little bit about my new business. I didn’t go all in detail because I didn’t want to bore her too much, but I listened to unhappy she was. Well, I have her some sisterly advice and told her that if she has an opportunity to do something that she loves then do it while she can. Otherwise, life can get so busy, you forget your dream.

The following week, she still was not feeling so good. She still needed he’ll doing her wedding invites, so she asked me to come over Saturday morning.


I had told her in the middle Of the week to get checked. I all of a sudden had this “what if” moment. What if she’s pregnant? I know I was a bit teasing her and even the week before, my mom and hubby went to visit her, and the symptoms she gave were all signs to pregnancy.

Well, she takes me to her mini kitchen area and hands me something to peel. I tried not to read it and as I peeled away, the sticky paper read, “You’re to be an Auntie!” I screamed! And I was so happy?! I was confused between laughing and crying.

I hugged My sister and congratulated Ting… How amazing!

Then they seriously cooked some awesome home made vegan waffles with strawberries and syrup on top. It was super yummy! The. We talked about announcing it.

Baby sister wanted to wait till she could hear the heart beat. The first trimester is always the sensitive time, so she made promise not to say anything until the first trimester is over! Do you know hard that is?! I still haven’t told hubby and I feel like a Boogher for keeping it a secret from my mom.

But it is exciting and I can’t wait until we plan on how to surprise the family!!! Woohoo!


Day 1 – First Arrival

My brother has been sending us pics of an elf name Hermie that’s been making some trouble at their house. I read a little bit more about this trouble maker and wondered where our family elf was.

So today, the family got to hear about our new family elf. Daddy and I read the book to the little ones and first thing in the morning, they went looking for our elf.


Meet “SPARKLE”. She arrived last night from the North Pole, and apologized for being late. She was held up fixing broken toys. But she’s happy to be here with the family. She likes shiny things, loves tea parties, and is excited to try carne asada fries. Drives a cool car, and hangs out with red power ranger on their spare time. She adores monster high clothes too!

And so it begins…

Here’s a pic of my brother’s mischevious acts thus far.

Day 1:


Tradition: Elf on the Shelf.
Hermie hiding in the X-Mas tree on Thanksgivng.

Day 2:


Hermie the following day. Dropping friends off!

(**thats just gross bro!**) WINKS!!

Day 3:


Hermie Sighting!!! Bump in the Night…

Day 4:


Wanted Hermie!
Robbery @ Joyner Ranch

Day 5:


Hermie’s Deadliest Catch!!!

Day 6:


Hermie & his gang have been caught!

Day 7:


Holiday Stress! Hermie needs a drink!

Day 8:


X-Mas Tanning!!!

Day 9:


“A!” Good job Hermie.

I’ll keep adding my Kuya’s family Hermie each day as well as ours…

Seaworld or Sleep? Hmm?

Kids want to really go to Seaworld but I don’t want to go without hubby… Knowing that they haven’t taken their naps yet, I had them put on their shoes and get in the car… They’re so excited! Except, this momma had a different agenda…

Took me 20 minutes to drive around and almost got lost off Jamacha… Elijah was like, “This is not Seaworld?” Hehehe!



No Nap-Nap!

Silly things my kids say:

Me: My-My, nap nap now.
My2: no nap nap! Me not sleepy!
Me: okay… Just lay next to me then. Don’t sleep ok?
My2: ok…

(1 minute later…)

Me: My-My?

Winks! She’s too cute! I Love being her momma…


Those lips… O my!