If I was a bad mom, would my kids pray and have more faith in God?

I feel like a good mom – always trying my best to be an example, but sometimes they don’t listen. Especially my oldest. He doesn’t get up early to get ready for church and at one point, he even questioned the existence of the Lord and even said that he just goes to make us happy. I don’t want him to just go for him to make us happy, but you know, it’s harder as a parent to instill values, culture, manners, and even a faith based life.

What if I just don’t act as the responsible parent a parent is supposed to be? I don’t know. This is tough. We want our kids to be able to be independent and have a decision of their own as they get older but I don’t know if it’s my hope, my faith, my values, my idea of how life should be lived vs. the life God has in store for them.

I get it… the answer… prayer and let Him take control.