Aye! I almost got a ticket today and I front of the kids too.

Today, my two little ones and I decided to park a good distance from Hillcrest where there was a strike happening. Well, my little boy wanted to ride the scooter and the little girl wanted to ride one too, so I thought, “Well, why not try the Bird scooter that can be rented for several minutes?” I should have listened to my instinct, which said, “Michelle, you don’t have a helmet for your princess and you shouldn’t be riding two people on it.” But I didn’t listen. Even though on the entire ride, it kept whispering to me to be very careful. I didn’t feel safe and I didn’t feel comfortable, so why did I do it? That’s my real question.

Anyways, finally, when we were trying to cross a residential street walk, a police car was driving by and yeps! You guessed it. We stopped our ride right away and the officer questioned me. I kept saying, “Sir….” and answered all his questions including about my son’s scooter who I said was his and it was bought at Target for a child. Its adjustable and the mileage is parentally controlled through an app that I have on my phone. Whew! As for the scooter part, well I told the officer that we were just trying it out and we realized how difficult it was to play on it so we’ve decided not to continue. The conversation ended with me saying, “Thank you for the warning, sir. We won’t do it again.” And then he left. Whew!!!!

A ticket for riding a scooter! Ugh! Dang it…. the kids were bummed, but we thanked God we weren’t issued one. So now, Elijah doesn’t want to ride the scooter. Awe! Poor kiddos. Mama’s fault. Will be more safe and wiser the next time around. Sorry to scare and cause trouble.


Look! Hubby cooked for the first time! 🙂 he’s so cute!… baby girl and I tried it first… and little one wanted another bite.

I wanted another one too but I had such a big lunch I couldn’t stuff myself anymore.

So proud of him for trying. I should have recorded him cooking. Oh, well, it was for my own viewing anyways.

This is what he made… a shrimp 🍤 taco 🌮….

Could have added more sour cream though… hehehe, I love sour cream! 🙂