Operation Christmas

One of the best qualities of my family is in giving.

This past year, 2012, the kids participated in Operation Christmas Child. It’s a non profit organization that sends shoe boxes packed with wonderful goodies for children throughout the world. Approximately 100 million boxes were sent out last year!


Above shows a picture of the children with their shoeboxes, but the center pic stands out the most. One of our shoeboxes, donated by Payless, is shown.

The kids were so excited that their shoeboxes traveled and was given to a child from across the world!

They look forward to this year’s Operation Christmas Child!

We hope for many more families to join us in this new mission of giving!


Out little Bubbles (Mei’s puppy) is going to have a litter of her own. She’s almost about to deliver. So here she is in her Homemade welping “delivery” bed. It looks a little too snug so hubby and I will have to get a bigger one tomorrow. One that will fit her and the puppies…


Silly Mushu (our male yorkie – Elijah’s puppy) is smaller than Bubbles and wanted to lay in the bed too. Sorry, bud, no can do… That’s for the momma only.

I feel this momma-to-be’s uncomfortable attributes of being pregnant. At least she was only prego for like 2 months vs. 9 months for us humans… I do not envy the fact that she’s carrying about 6 puppies. Although, it would’ve been better to knock all four of my kiddos at one time doesn’t it?

Congrats Bubbles! We’re here for you Love. Mwa!

My Christmas Present

Silly things my kids say:

Elijah: Mommy, I forgot my Christmas present to you.

Mommy: that’s ok, I don’t need presents. Just a hug.

Elijah: then this will be my Christmas present for you.

He gives me a sweet kiss with a hug and says, “I will always listen to you. That’s my Christmas present.”


Mommy: Ohhh??!!! I LOVE my Christmas Present!

(I sure hope he remembers this…)