Cookie Time!

My Elijah said to me, “Mommy, I’m bored. Lets go pick up Ateh now.”

“It’s only 12,” I said.

“That’s okay, I can wait in the car,” he said.

“We can wait at home, too.”

He pouted. “… AFTER we bake some cookies.” I whispered.

His little butt jumped from the couch and to the fridge he went.

He pulled out all the ingredients as I warmed up the oven and got the cookie pan.

We spooned up the cookie dough and put them into the cookie pan and then patiently watched the dough transform into a warm chocolatey chip cookie.


He was so proud of baking, he went up and down the stairs more than 3 times just to ask his grandma and big brother if they wanted one. He even woke up baby sister so she wouldn’t miss out.

They were definitely yummy cookies. So good that Nanay came down and grabbed two!!! Hahaha!

Mixed drinks!

Hubby and I just came from a mini vaca in La Jolla overnight. We went home and greeted the kids.

Hubby left to school afterwards and I went to freshen up in the bathroom. When I got out, I saw this…


I took one big breathe and just smiled and took a pic.

The mini vaca was all worth it just to see my little girl smile.

I watch her take a sip and she asks, “Want some?!”

Happy 14 years!

Happy Anniversary Luv!


No words could ever express how happy you make me… I am the most blessed woman in the world to have a husband who sacrifices every minute of his day to make sure his family is safe and happy… You are my bestie – my other half that keeps me balanced when one outweighs the other… You make everything better and I would be lost without you!

I look forward to our future with wrinkles galore and gummy kisses, races to and from the bathroom, and laughing with our grand kids…

-your wifey


{Photo Credit: ML Debut, D.Saria}