Ahhhh!!! So crying so hard and dying inside!!!!

A friend of ours had posted something on Facebook a few months back and I had responded on behalf of hubby.

She was very much against COVID that she wanted us to read more about the illumanati and the government’s conspiracy over the shots and the amount of people dying.

OMG! I still can’t… I happened to see her current post about her husband being in the hospital and asking for prayer. I was just about to tell my husband (which he apparently already knew), but FB refreshed and there it was… a GOFUNDME for his funeral.

TEARS!!! 😢😭 I told hubby that I don’t know if I’m mad or sad and whether I’m sorry or if I’m not. I’m a believer and I had shared with her that we must also be obedient and disciplined to man’s law as we are to God’s law… she chose to differ.

Forgive me, Lord. Please help me understand… and to keep holding on, you stay strong and help others. Please keep all my family and friends safe!

Please listen and hear our prayers. Please be present for their family and bless them with your grace, mercy, strength, and love. They’re going to need it – I know I would. they need YOU.

We love you!