Shang Chi

Hubby took us out to the theater for the first time since COVID. I was excited but so nervous at the same time. I brought rubbing alcohol, Lysol, and hand wipes to disinfect the chair hubby reserved for us.

We sat at the very top left of the theater. I walked in and said sorry to the the two people nearby and told them I B was going to spray the chairs real quick. The kids made a comment that the Lysol smelled so strong.

I felt a little embarrassed. I get so nervous. I felt anxious. Hubby got me mozzarella sticks with ranch and jalapeño’s. I ate it so quietly and at some point, I had to look towards the wall and I silently started to cry. I was so nervous! So embarrassed, I wanted to get out of there. But I dare and took off the mask and kept stuffing my face with cheese sticks. I knew it was anxiety, but gosh, it hurt. As the people walked by, I watched and hoped that no other persons were sitting too close to us.

I kept looking over to the kids to make sure they were okay. I didn’t want them to see that I Wasn’t.

I practically ripped my skin off during the commercials cause I was so nervous. But when the movie started, I heard them laughing and I felt a little better. I even started laughing.

The movie was really good! I enjoyed the part of it and the story line was very entertaining from beginning to the end. The end had Easter eggs and u B thought that was cool.

Afterwards, the kids and I walked out Cate the hubby said it was done. While we were outside, he actually started a little longer and saw an extra clip.

We took a picture while we waited for him.

There are so silly and I love them so much!

*Big not went out with his girlfriend, so they didn’t get to join us for the show. That’s okay, next time! 😉