God has a way of reminding us how to forgive.
A few months ago, I had an encounter with a doctor. The day started off with a medication shut off and changes were made on my ventilator. After 30minutes of no orders and a follow up call upon my text sent out, I had to complete an iReport on the team who had apparently made the changes. The nurse proofread my iReport and the report was submitted.

No one from the team had responded to my inquiry from the morning.
At the end of the shift, I was in the middle of an extubation when a doctor came in and started asking me questions about another a patient. It is a HIPAA violation to talk about another patient in a another patient’s room. The doctor was also rude and interrupting the extubation. I was stuck in an uncomfortable position.

To make a long story short, my day ended in tears and another iREPORT for misconduct and harassment on the doctor.

Since then I had a bad taste in my mouth when the doctor’s name would come up. Whenever people asked what happened and who it was, I would choose not to say the same, because it sounded like a bad word to me. That’s how terrible experience this person left with me. I didn’t like this person and there was no way I was going to be friends or even be kind to this person. I vowed to stay away from this person and keep my interactions as minimal as possible.

But today, as I was listening to praise and worship, I was taken by surprise. A doctor came and introduced themselves. The doctor was so kind and even asked for my name. The doctor shared their thoughts regarding a new order and appreciated my feedback. We were both on the same page. After the doctor had walked away, the name took me by surprise and my heart melted. The walls came crumbling down and… I cried.

I realized that the Lord brought someone else in my life to show me that not all person’s with the name I vowed to hate so much and not say. He showed me that a name is not what identifies a person – it is the heart. I cried and cried. I’m sorry, Lord. I will not speak your name in vain, but all is forgiven. Thank you for the love and the reminder.

It was nice to meet you “Maya.”

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