Was chilling on the stairs having my coffee. My mom was talking to me about the time and how she couldn’t see it. I saw look at her phone but it was sooo close to her face… I giggled… she heard.

“Why you laughing?” She asked.

“Want me to make your font bigger?” I giggled.

“You know, you’re always laughing at me.”

“It’s just you and me here, mom. No one else. It’s okay to laugh.” I said.

“You know, my eyes are bad already. You’re lucky if reach my age.” She said.

I choked. I wanted to say something ‘wise’ like, “Yes, I would be lucky.”

Instead I just laughed, but even after she said that I went upstairs and cried.

I am lucky… blessed to be alive even right now. Especially to share this moment. Silly moments.

I’m going to be forty soon! Someone once told me that I’d be lucky to reach 40. They told me that I have to take good care of myself. If not, then there’s a chance I would need a transplant.

I AM SO TIRED! So so tired. This year has been hard – emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

“Stay STRONG, you can get through this,” I say to myself.

Count your blessings; luck has nothing to do with it… cause I’m not a leprechaun 🍀 hehehehe!

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