Just me…

Sitting in the car and listening to service…

Why? Sometimes hubby would ask me what I’m doing in the car and asks me to come down.

He’s not here today… my big boy is though and he’s probably inside sitting down. Hopefully next to Lola.

Me… I’m in the car… why?

Because no one sits next to me at church.

Even when I save a seat for someone to sit next to next, it’s just my bag saving the space.

Sometimes, big boy will next to me if I ask. I try not to expect it so I don’t get disappointed. Most of the time, I look for my husband.

Big girl and the little ones go to class. Even when my parents come, I still end up sitting on a different row.

So today, I sit in the car. It’s the same thing as sitting by myself… just me.

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