The rain

I have a love and hate relationship with the rain.

Does anyone have this same problem? The rain is so calm and I feel so at peace with it. Yet, it comes in the most unexpected ways and when it rains here in Cali, it pours. I find myself cuddling up under a blanket and eating warm cookies and milk and binging on movies…. shhh!

At the same time, it plays with my emotion and it reminds me that I need to cry. 😢

I scrolled through Facebook and messages keeps showing if my dear friend Hazel. Pictures of us smiling and laughing appeared and I just started to cry.

I’m going to so miss you my friend. You have been such a hope of inspiration in my life and I am so blessed by your presence. They say that some friendships come and go, but never do I ever want a friend to go this way.

I come to work and I smile, but when no one is looking, I’m hiding in the bathroom or in the corner just catching myself crying.

I’m emotionally sensitive. I don’t say anything until some asks, “How are you?”

Such a simple yet important question to ask someone. You just don’t know how anyone’s day is really going until you ask them. Listen and the heart will open.

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