Just scan me…

Take the day off today per the request of my eldest daughter. She practically begged for me not to go to work today. All morning I kept asking the children what did they want to do? They had no answer. Well, I told them if you guys don’t want to go out and I am just going to go eat. Well, the girl said let’s go to the mall. So to the mall we went. But the police, they stayed home.

So we go to the stores and we shop and we eat me look around and enjoy all the Christmas decorations that were put out right before Thanksgiving. It’s freezing how cheerful people get when it comes to the holiday season. Anyways, Myella was so overly excited. We went to a store called H&M and she saw the sweater that she really really really liked. She wanted to try it on. So she did. Then her sister told her to take it off. The little one said, “No, just scan me.”

Hehehe! Silly things my kids say.

She really liked the sweater!

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