I am Poem

My son, Elijah, wrote a beautiful poem today at his exhibition in high Tech high Chula Vista. I am amazed by this little boy, who has grown to a person with wisdom, with heart, and with lots of love.
As a mom, we save practically everything that our child does. I am guilty, though. I don’t really see everything. And if I do, I later throw it away, losing meaning to what it was for. Are your children work so hard at what they do. They are in school for eight hours, Monday through Friday. And they make the time to learn, do their homework, and socialize. And if time permits, explore extracurricular activities. Where as, as parents, are at work between 9 to 5. I, on the other hand, work at the hospital, so I do 12 hour shift at least 2 to 3 times a week. On other days, I am out and about doing mommy things, wifey things, daughter things, and sometimes I add on business related tasks. Even though I feel like I do so much on the side as a mom, I can only imagine and remember what it was like to be a child with so much responsibilities in school. 

Sometimes, we get so busy, that we don’t take the time to just stop and observe our surroundings. So, I really like this poem that Elijah wrote. And I think you would like it also. 

Listen here “I am Elijah” by Elijah T.