Secret tears

It’s hard not to cry when you can’t hold your child anymore.

Either they feel embarrassed or they just don’t want to be near me at this age (13 years old).

I’ve read that’s it’s just the child going through a phase, and that I should understand, But would it be wrong for me to say that that’s an understatement and that we should tell them that their attitude just SUCKS?!

Eh! I can say that I don’t care, but deep inside, I miss my baby boy.

I just feel like he doesn’t need me or want me.

Any advice? Right now I’m just quiet and I’m looking away so that he doesn’t see my hurt emotions in my eyes.

Secret Tears,

What would you do?

You asked, “How do you deal with people who talk behind your back, who are envious of who you are and what you’ve become. How does one handle this type of person?”

Is this correct?

Yes, I read the whole thing and, yes, I barely know you, and yes, I know how you feel.

Am I offended? No.

Do I agree? Yes and No.

Yes, because it can be a waste of time to give people chances who don’t utterly deserve the precious time you have on fools who don’t understand.

Yet I strongly say “NO,” simply because that’s not what my God would do to me.

You talked about values. Lots of people have values, but most importantly, who’s values? Is it yours or God’s?

I understand that sometimes we have family or friends who don’t understand why we are the way we are – the beauty we show outside as well as the beauty we have in inside, our finances, our education, our children, our significant other. What makes us different and deserve something better?

The answer is contempt, the answer is vision, the answer is success… Is this really the answer?

The ANSWER is faith. Faith is having hope in something you can’t see (Hebrews 11:1)

Whatever your values, whatever your ethics, whatever your morality is, at the end of the day, you must ask yourself, “who is this all for?” Is it for yourself, your family, your friend? WHO is it for?

So you asked WHAT DO YOU DO?

I PRAY. I lift them up to The Lord. I ask for guidance and I ask for strength. I ask that God will give me the wisdom to help my friend or family. I will ask HIM to show my friend how HE lead my path.

I will be thankful for my friend, I will seek what he or she needs – I will serve my friend, I will listen to my friend, and I will teach them how to get where I am. From finances to family, God lead the way for me, and that started with faith.

So if and when you have a friend that does everything your values, your ethics, your morale goes against, it’s because God needs you to help Him lead them back to His arms, so that He can lead their path to their heart’s desires.

So if anything, do it for God, because He would do it for you. He needs you to be that friend.

Can you be that friend?