Mochi was our first dog after Poppi disappeared and after my heart surgery. He was given to is by Uncle Victor. Mochi was and still is an adorable dog. He’s very smart and loves to play catch, shake, go to bed, and use the bathroom. He was very protective and loved attention. He enjoyed the outside and always bathed in the sun.

He was about 10 weeks old when we adopted him around December of 2011. Which makes him about 2 1/2 years old.

Well, today, Mochi went to a new home. He was adopted by a family, who I didn’t get to meet, and who’s kids were all grown up. They had just lost their dog, which was also a Jack Russel, of 15 years, and they were looking for another best friend.

I’m trying not to cry, but I do miss the little Boogher! He was protective and every time someone passed by or when we get home, he would bark. Now it’s a little too quiet in the house. We have Bubbles and we have Mushu, who are both super cute, but they don’t compare to Mochi.

I shouldn’t be crying, but that’s okay right? It’s okay to miss someone, even a friend, and Mochi was and still is very much a friend. He just deserved better. We didn’t feel like he was getting the attention he need. He’s such a good dog, he had so much potential to love even more.

Before I left to see him go, I talked to the little guy and told him that I’m going to miss him. I told him that he didn’t do anything wrong, but that he would have a family who will love him and treat him even more with love that he deserves.

This new family is going to keep his name as Mochi and that makes me happy. I hope he will be too.

Hubby has their info, so if Mochi needs to come home, we’ll be here. The kids don’t know yet that he left. I don’t know how Ermel will feel about this. Will have to see when he gets home.

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