Bed Rest


Oh? 😦 it’s just 4 o’ clock and time for temp check…

101.2… Even Big Boy is all bundled up…

They all caught a fever one by one over night?!

I have four bottles of meds… Two grapes (1 w/o color for the toddler), 1 cherry for 6-11 y.o., and Adult for my tween… One for each kid… Wow, huh?

Rules rules rules:

1) meds every 4 hours if temp rises
2) drinks lots of water
3) no sharing food and drinks
4) offer bread, fruits, and soup
5) no candy
6) more??…



I turned off the t.v. And told the kids too much watching today, so go play and do something else.

Elijah comes up and asks if he can use my phone to play games. I told him, “No, do anything else but electronics. Read a book, play toys or something.” He said, “Boring.”

“Then go to sleep,” I said.

He walked away mumbling, “Its so boring.”

So guess what?

He’s having fun washing dishes.