Day 2 – T25

O my goodness! I just finished the Speed IQ and I love, love, love this video exercise routine. The music is so upbeat and it really put me in tune with the speed of the exercise. However, when it came to the criss-crossing part, I just couldn’t keep the beat, but the modified versions kept me from stopping and getting frustrated with not understanding how to jump and criss-cross the way the others would….

But you know what I told myself? By the end of my journey, I’m going to be able to do it… he, he, he… yup! That’s my challenge…

Oh, yea! My BOOTIE was sore today. Everyone time I took a step, my glutes felt sore. I was like, “Whoa! Did I just feel that?” he, he, he… it’s a good thing… that just means my butt got a workout yesterday… yay, me!

And yes, I sweated today as much as I did yesterday… Is “sweated” even the proper spelling of what I’m trying to say? In any case, it’s worth making the extra sweat pouring out of me a new word… ha, ha, ha…

It’s Day 2 and so far so good… tomorrow will be Day 3… okay, gotta shower now… TTYL!

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