Day 1-T25

Started the T25 today… I actually got it Thursday and didn’t open it up until today, Saturday… I had school and work and just busy, so althought I was so excited to start sooner, I think it was just perfect timing that I started on a Saturday, because I have the next 4 days off to really focus on my exercise routing… wow! No periods there, huh?

Anywho… I was going to start on Monday like the calendar stated, but I’m going to have to tweak around the days to make the commitment I need to succeed in the 25 days of exercise…

So let me tell you how my first day went… It was… WOW! I can’t find the right words for it… It was definitely a workout. And a challenge to even complete the program. On top of having the kids home on the weekend, visitors started to come at the wrong time.

They knew I was working out and I told them to give me several minutes and that I would be out soon. I did my 25 minutes and then enjoyed the rest of day spending time with family and friends and even went out to a restaurant without worrying that my exercise wasn’t done.

I started today with the Cardio video and being that I have a heart history (which I haven’t had the chance to mention in my profile – I don’t think), I had to modify some of the moves to make sure I didn’t overwork my heart…. Tanya is super wonderful! I love already the fact that there are modified moves in this video with the encouragement that we can still achieve our goal of losing inches.

Congratulations to Tanya, by the way, for her new baby. It’s so wonderful and promising that she can get back to exercising and get her body back.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s 25 minutes.

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