First Thoughts and Anxious

Okay… I did it… I ordered a program from Beachbody rather than looking for free youtube videos with other people imitating the exercises from videos like The Insanity, T25, and even Hip Hop Abs.

It’s hard trying to follow or do a routine without really knowing the proper intervals and schedule of the entire routine to get the results you want.

So I did it… I ordered the T25 Program. I am a mother of four, work full time, and going back to school taking anatomy… On top of that, my husband, family and I are a part of our church’s youth ministry in addition to attending church on Sundays.

It’s been really hard to put in time to exercise, but I figured, if I can really just invest in me, I can take exercising to the next level and truly commit to a daily routine.

The fact that the T25 probgram is only 25 minutes was promising and I love the results I saw during the program… AMAZING!!! I’m not technically looking for FAST results, but rather something in real time… you know what I mean?

It takes me about 45 minutes to get dressed just to get out and drive another 20 minues to go to a gym and at the same time drive back. That’s two hours away already from my baby girl at home.

With 25 minutes, I can wake up, dress up in workout clothes after brushing and washing my face, and exercise my bootie off and then do a shower. By that time, my baby girl is awake and I am ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

Again, I’m a busy momma plus everything else. I look forward to receiving this program….

Thanks for reading,