How can we live in a world that’s so cruel and so mean? A world where there’s people who hits, kills, and hurt the innocent, especially little kids? And what about the sick and broken hearts? What about the poor and hungry?

I pray and that’s all I can do!!!! It doesn’t feel like enough. I read and I see and I hear the bad news, the sad news, and the crazy news that people do.

And I cry… I cry so hard that I can’t talk or see anymore. My eyes go into a blur and my senses feel the pain and the anger and the sadness of everyone’s heavy hearts.

I don’t understand – why IS there suffering? Why IS there hatred? Why, WHY, WWHHYY?!

I know why… It’s just not fair… If I could just take every abandoned, abused, and hurt child, I would.

Lord, failure is not an option for me.

Help me lead my own children to the right path. Forgive me and take away my tears; bless me with your spirit of grace and wisdom… Continue to guide me and use me for your Glory.

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