At the end of the day

Hubby texted me and asked, “How’s your day?”

Here was my response:

My day consisted of waking up at 8, getting all kids dressed and fed…

Got Ermel jib. Go to moms and too care of dogs.

Dropped off mom to bus at plaza.

Go to church for 45 mins just for p&w. leave to drop off Ermel by 1145. But place didnt actually open until 12 and parents weren’t there.

Went to store to get Myella slippers and gift for Eiley.

Drive to ICC only to find out kids left with family. That’s ok. So drive to Peter piper and ate for 30 mins and watched kids for 15 mins. Left to pick up Ermel at laser tag with Myella while leaving Mei and Jah with Lola Remy.

But Ermel forgot his jacket so I had to go back to get it.

Now at Peter piper again.

I think I’ll be crying soon.


After Peter Piper to celebrate Eiley’s 4th bday, we went back to Lola’s house and took care of dogs. Ermel walked them around while I prepped their food and cleaned the puppy area. The kids played some more. Lola Remy cooked spam and corn beef (yummy!) and that’s what the kids had for dinner. I fellowshipped with with my sister n law and Auntie using our iPhones and figuring out Skype. It was so funny!


Took out the dogs once more for the night, helped clean up the kids mess and off to the hotel. Our house isn’t done being renovated yet. Buhu!

It’s now the end of the day and back in the hotel. I prepped the kids for bed – shower, teeth, hair, clothes for tonight and for school tomorrow. I have work tomorrow so the kids are next door in Nanay’s room and will be spending the night. It’s easier that way so that they don’t have to be woken up at 5am just to transfer room while daddy drops me off to work.

And after all the talking from raising my voice to praise, discipline, and comfort my kids… And after feeling so tired, worn out, and so ready to go to bed… My heart misses them when they are not by my side.

Picture my day:


**Ermel putting a band aid on Myella after accidentally opening the bathroom door and scraping her Big toe… Myella saw blood and kept yelling, “Mommy, hook! Help me!” Ermel apologized to his baby sister and put a Hello Kitty band aid on her.


*** Pic of kids with Kuya Alex on a roller coaster ride at Peter Piper. Now this is what I call sharing! Happy birthday Eiley!


*** My 12 year old hanging out with friends at Laser Tagging. He hasn’t been to one since he was 5. He had fun!


*** Before WE could go to sleep, I finally got to teach and help Mei Mei make a sleeping bag and pillow for her doll. She’s happy!

Goodnight, my sweethearts! I love you!


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