Out little Bubbles (Mei’s puppy) is going to have a litter of her own. She’s almost about to deliver. So here she is in her Homemade welping “delivery” bed. It looks a little too snug so hubby and I will have to get a bigger one tomorrow. One that will fit her and the puppies…


Silly Mushu (our male yorkie – Elijah’s puppy) is smaller than Bubbles and wanted to lay in the bed too. Sorry, bud, no can do… That’s for the momma only.

I feel this momma-to-be’s uncomfortable attributes of being pregnant. At least she was only prego for like 2 months vs. 9 months for us humans… I do not envy the fact that she’s carrying about 6 puppies. Although, it would’ve been better to knock all four of my kiddos at one time doesn’t it?

Congrats Bubbles! We’re here for you Love. Mwa!

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